We typically will visit Sunset Falls USFS CG twice a year since it is an easy ~3 hours from our place on the Oregon Coast and such a picturesque little park. Here are the falls the park is named for:


Included in our plans for the visit would be testing out some new tie outs/lines on the Snow White Cool Tarp since temps were expected to be mid 70’s to low 80’s. Also in the test-mix was setting up our two Warbonnet hammocks under our two WB Superfly tarps.

Often we will head out on a Sunday afternoon and and find the camp desolate. This time however we arrived on Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend, we fully anticipated and accepted there would be a full park, and there was. BUT by 11am Monday all but a couple had pulled out and by 2pm we had the park to ourselves! We would not see another camper until the night before we left.

This shot shows the van with some LED lights.


At one point I also set up a white no-see-um net that was designed to hang over a king size bed. We put two camp chairs and a folding table in there and were quite comfortable.

Most of this trip was spent relaxing in the shade at camp and river catching up on some reading.

On the doodling about the camp…


We wanted to test the idea of combining our two WarBonnet Superfly tarps into one shelter. We had set up out two TATO stands and clipped on her WB Ridge Runner (left) and my WB Blackbird, then we strung up the tarps best we could. And while the setup did do fine through a night’s surprise rainstorm, our next adventure we will set them up as they are intended over each individual hammock.

I will update our next hammock hang test in a couple weeks.

: ) Thom



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