Thursday September 27th 2018 marked Cari’s and my last day of work for Costco after a 25 year career! I did the math, and thanks to our simple lifestyle the numbers worked out allowing me to retire at 60 and take my wonderful, and youthful (@58) soul-mate along for the adventure.

Our plan is to drive down with both vans to property we are developing as a home base in Pahrump Nevada. After researching options in our “Home State” of Nevada (we left there 32 years ago to raise our family and pursue a career path i’d been on since 1976 in Retail Management). Pahrump’s location is a ~6 hour drive from Cari’s folks in Reno, and our oldest daughter currently in Phoenix Arizona…an area we planned on exploring during “Winter” months.

I will catalog our drive south in a few upcoming posts. Overall it was a great drive south, our first long road trip utilizing both vans. CB radios between Cari (in the Promaster) behind me in the (Chevy) lead worked well. I do plan on dialing in the unit in the PM as currently it is a simple Cobra walkie-talkie mag mount kit…but it worked!


Until next time 🙂