This page is a quick intro into our two vans. There will be posts detailing specific tweaks and mods on both rigs as they happen, and should be searchable through the “tags” cloud on sidebar.

First up is our 2010 Chevy Express AWD Van conversion that started it all for us back in 2010. Prior to that we’d had a 2007 Tacoma 4×4 and decided that heading directly back to a living area would be more our style than sleeping out of the truck-bed canopy.

Here is the AWD decked in all its Aluminess trail bling, Boulder Off Road Vans suspension mods, Fiberine 24″ fiberglass top, and Van Specialties interior. [link to detailed Chevy write-up]

Below the AWD is our FWD 2017 Ram Promaster 159″ Regular Body High Roof with custom interior by a small shop in Seaview Washington called Mobile West. [link to detailed Promaster write-up]

The interior of the AWD is a spartan, functional design that includes overhead storage (cab and rear area, both ~3ft), street side closet space for clothes, food, etc, and a bath-closet housing toilet and shower. The bed is a full size Froli Sleep System, this was also duplicated in our Promaster. Front passenger seat swivels to rear. Cooking is done outside from the rear bumper mounted Aluminess chuck box that swings toward camp. Shade can be provided by putting up one of three available Kelty Noah Tarps (9, 12, & 20ft models) attached to the custom aluminum awning rail on camp side of fiberine top.

The interior of the Promaster is quite civilized! The highlight is probably the ~8ft + stainless steel counter area. Full cabinet treatment yields more than enough storage (extras like a Costco-bulk pack of TP is stored under the bed platform of the Chevy, yes we do usually travel in both vans!) This is a quick photo collage I put together for another forum I have a build thread at, it gives a good overview of what’s going on inside:

During most trips we find ourselves parking the Promaster and making it our base-camp. Then we venture out in the Chevy for shopping or exploring.

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Thanks for visiting, and happy trails!