We've lived near Astoria Oregon on the northwestern most tip of the Oregon Coast for over 25 years and had never ventured south of Newport on the coast. Realizing we might be missing some treasure we made a two stage trip south to Florence Oregon.

The first two nights (Sunday and Monday) we stayed at a familiar favorite; Agate Beach State Park just north of Newport. The image here is of our rig set up with our Kelty Noah 20 tarp. This was the first setup of this tarp (and its little sibling the Noah 9).

I’ll be sure to get some clearer shots of the Noah 20 on the rig to share in a future post, this shows the tarp with 3 eight foot aluminum poles and a handful of guylines. This setup did well in brisk afternoon winds we encountered nearly every day. I will add that we would have rolled up our Fiamma F45 in similar occasions on prior seasons before switching to this simpler, and more robust setup.

On Tuesday morning we broke camp (~20 to 30~ minutes) and headed south through Newport. We’d toyed with the idea of revisiting the Newport Aquarium and maybe even the Wax Museum… but with a yet-to-experience ~100 mile drive to Florence we passed.

Along the way I pulled over at various pullouts…awd_oregoncoast2

to check out the views…

I had read that Florence has a arts/crafts theme in an area of town and was interested in checking it out. I found this image on google that did a better job than I did : )


After a drive through town we headed south to our destination of Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park …lots of sand dunes to go land surfing on!

201607oregondunesWhen I took the above picture I was at the base of a dune with many people surfing the sand from what i’d estimate was a 120 or so foot elevation drop and 400 or so feet of run to the water pictured. Looked like fun.

We set up camp similar to the prior two night’s with the Noah 20, then on the last night of the trip we swapped out for the Noah 9 as there were clear skies and just wanted to have some fun doodling in camp with gear…

We really liked the simplicity of the 9 over the rear swing out chuck box mounted on the aluminess bumpers. If we find ourselves in mild temps, clear skies, and beyond the fall-zone of tree leaves this will be our first pick of tarps.

We were also able to put our new little Rocket Stove to the test. We had two burns, one with regular fire wood and another with some pellets we brought along. It burned both well and the burn time on a cup’s worth of pellets was about an hour. Here are two shots of the stove in action. This one shows the pellet hopper:


and with wood:


This was an enjoyably, lazy trip!

Next month we are heading to Yellow Bottom BLM Campground east of Salem.



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