Our first trip to Lower Falls CG in Gifford Pinchot US Forest with the Ram Promaster !

I went back and forth pondering if we should take the Chevy Express AWD or the Ram Promaster. Why? Well because in the past the last mile or two of the access road to the camp was in rough shape and difficult to drive. With the Promaster’s lower clearance and longer wheelbase (over the AWD) I struggled with the decision, but we took the chance and drove the PM to the end of the pavement… While I did take a dozen or more pictures while driving that last mile to camp, none of the images did justice to just how bad the road was, so I’m not going to bother posting any here. What I will share is that Cari & I were totally pleased with the handling and ability of the PM to handle the poor conditions.  One particular spot in the road was a ~20% uphill grade about 50 yards long that was rutted/washed out. I approached the grade from a standstill at the bottom gully basically as a test to see how the PM would do with the KO2’s. There was no slippage and the PM climbed right up the grade.

We set up one of our 12′ x 12′ Kelty Noah’s Tarp between trees & the roof tie-offs and used the area as an outside dining/lounge area. For meals we didn’t even bother since we had decided to do a 5 day fast during the adventure. Yea, crazy…but we felt great all week and we only brought water and herbal teas with us and were an hour’s drive from the nearest store so there was not going to be any chance of cheating!

We spent most of the time reading, relaxing and some easy walks. It was a wonderful Zen-time.



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