Most in this lifestyle take being connected to family, friends, or employers like breathing…

Well over the last five months of finding ourselves deep in a forest or up a beautiful mountain, and i’ve been turning purple holding my breath for the next dose of connectivity.

I would get that dose once back in a town to restock or do laundry, etc. So for about 3 hours every week or two i’d connect, answer mail, say hi to family and friends on social media and catch up on world events.

One thing i will say about all that is after getting over the initial shock of being disconnected, i found myself more connected with what matters in the moment, my life partner who shares my lifestyle dreams and the beauty of our surroundings.

This was a good lesson for me. I proved to myself that the world still turns even if i’m not connected to the techie part of it all. And even though i could not search the net on my daily quest for knowledge, i could still read a good book or two.

As for emergency contacts? We do make frequent use of our Garmin InReach Mini for two-way satellite texting to family and close RV friends.

🙂 Thom