We began the drive south Monday morning October 1st 2018. First stop was the RAM dealership in Portland Oregon to get the Promaster’s first oil change at ~2,000 miles. It had been a few days of just a year after bringing the PM home, and then it spent ~3 months in the upfitter’s shop, then the balance of year with relatively few uses before July when my commuter (Toyota ECHO) was sold. So not many miles on the PM the first year!

Anywhooo…. we filled up with fuel for the last time on the Oregon Coast at our own Warrenton Costco as seen here. One funny note is that once i pulled ahead in the Chevy to head out, many of the crew attempted a human chain link blocking her way (Yea, she is loved. My joke to her was that I’m the one who is missed because of what i know and do for the operation, she is missed…because of who she is!)

Once we left Portland around noon on Monday I had hopes to get down to the Asland area to walk the town then stay on BLM land near Mt. Ashland.

Once we walked the town we headed up to the US Forestry land i’d researrched….

A few miles up the Forestry road and we found a nice spot amoung the handfull available at the trailhead…(here is a link to the campground website for further details)


Here are a couple shots of our front and back yards…


A word to any who wander this way; If the level says it is “Only” .08 of one degree off?

It is still too “Off bubble” to have a comfy night’s rest if your heads are on the downhill side of the van! Of all the nights we’d spent in any van, that had to rank up there as one of the more uncomfortable! Never again if we have any say in the matter. Lesson learned.

The next morning we would continue South on i5 into California and take the Mt. Lassen Volcanic Scenic Buyway east toward Susanville California and find a campground…somewhere 🙂