What? I suppose you wanted to see a photo shoot of the adventurous duo? But then how would we ever hike the trails and ditch the paparazzi after word got out of our true identity?

[A word from Thom, the blogger and webmaster]

I’m gonna start this out with some thoughts on my dear wife…

Cari is one of the most amazing and kind peeps I’ve met in all my years.

The “kind” aspect is self evident to any who have met her, the “amazing” is where things get interesting. She grew up on a small ranch and knows her way around getting things done using simple objects and tinkering. By the time we met nearly four decades ago she was an all out MacGirlver. Many of the designs in our van builds were seeds she planted in my mind and I brought into reality.

On a forest trail she can pick the healthy greens & berriesĀ  from those that might send you to the ER, around camp she is creating a place a comfy refuge.

Many years ago raising our two fantastic kids she was managing the household and homeschooling the kids who then both spent a decade of active duty in the USAF [and beyond in the reserves].

I am totally excited about what the future holds with her at my side.

For myself? I’m a researcher, dreamer, designer and techie-gadget guy.

Left on my own I would spend hours or days under some shade reading on various topics from Art to Zen.

If I have a fault it is the ability to see a need and the desire to figure out solutions. I do find great enjoyment in lending a hand or a bit of useable knowledge.

Ahhhh… those paparazzi caught up with us!